Policies and Procedures

Students Arriving by Car - Student Drop-Off

Students may be dropped off in the morning at the front of the building beginning at 7:30. There are 3 drop-off stations to allow students to be dropped off safely and to keep traffic flowing. It is important that all drivers watch for students as you move through the drop-off area to ensure safety for all. Once students are dropped off they must enter the building and proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast or to the gym for morning activities. School begins at 7:55 AM and the tardy bell rings at 8:05 AM.

Students Arriving by Bus

Students arriving by bus will arrive at the back of the building and must enter the building and proceed to the cafeteria for breakfast or the gym for the morning activities.

Afternoon Student Pick-up

School is dismissed for student pick-up at 3:20 PM. A student pick-up tag is required for a student to be picked up from the car rider line. If you do not have a student pick-up tag you will need to come into the office to get a temporary student pick-up tag. The temporary pick up tag is good for the day it is issued only. All students picked up without a student car tag must be signed out from the campus office.

Students Leaving Campus by Bus

Student will begin loading buses at 3:20 PM. The last bus is loaded to leave the campus around 3:45. Check the transportation page to find the bus number your student rides. if you need assistance, be sure to contact the bus barn by phone to clarify the bus number before the day your student will be riding the bus. The student bus number will need to be submitted to the campus office to ensure that your student is placed on the correct bus.