Special Visitors

Does our school shout "Welcome?" Every principal wants their school to be a warm and welcoming place, offering an attractive setting for learning and for the community. After all, the real business of education is that of creating relationships and emotional connections with people - students, staff, parents, former students and members of the community. At Rusk Elementary School we love and welcome special guests! The pride and the joy that the Rusk High School and Rusk Junior High student athletes, band members, majorettes, FFA members, student council, and other school organizations bring the Elementary School children is reflective of the constant fellowship and school spirit that the schools and community share. We welcome various guest speakers from the community to share information about their careers. This experience exposes students to a wide variety of career choices and enables them to begin thinking about a future that would be a possible fit for their interests and strengths. Rusk Elementary School extends our deepest gratitude to first responders in our community, who serve our community with courage, dignity, and devotion. The local firemen attend campus each October to teach the children about the importance of fire safety and prevention at home and at school. All veterans and current military members are invited to attend our annual campus Veteran's Day program. Other partnerships have included mentorship programs, family literacy and curriculum nights and local volunteers serving as classroom Scholastic Book Club sponsors.