Distinguished Level of Achievement

Distinguished Level of Achievement (26 Credits)

To earn a distinguished level of achievement a student must successfully complete the foundation program and the curriculum requirements for at least one endorsement, including 4 credits in math to include Algebra II and 4 credits in Science.

The Distinguished Level of Achievement is the State of Texas’ most rigorous academic graduation program. Students complete all the course requirements of the Foundation High School Program as well as completing curriculum requirements for at least one Endorsement, including completing four credits in science and four credits in math to include Algebra 2. Students must complete this plan to be considered for eligibility in the Top Ten Percent of their graduation class and eligibility for Top Ten Percent Automatic Admission to Texas Public Colleges and Universities

A designation for completing this program will appear on the high school transcript.

Benefits of Choosing the Distinguished Level of Achievement

Choices determine options

Most of the very best jobs available now and in the future require education and training beyond a high school diploma. Whether you intend to pursue a high-demand, industry workforce credential from a community or technical college or a traditional four-year degree from a university, the choices made in high school will determine your future options.

Why it matters – Benefits

The Distinguished Level of Achievement opens a world of educational and employment opportunities for you beyond high school. The Distinguished Level of Achievement will:

  • Allow you to compete for Top 10% automatic admissions eligibility at any Texas public university;
  • Position you among those first in line for a TEXAS Grant* to help pay for university tuition and fees; and
  • Ensure you are a more competitive applicant at the most selective colleges and universities.
  • *Must be financially qualified

What it means

The Distinguished Level of Achievement requires more math and science than the Foundation High School Program. The Distinguished Level of Achievement requires:

  • A total of four credits in math, including Algebra 2;
  • A total of four credits in science; and
  • Successful completion of an endorsement in your area of interest.


  • Opportunity to earn an endorsement in an area of interest
  • More college and university options
  • More financial aid options
  • Better preparation for college-level coursework at community/technical colleges and universities
  • Opportunity for immediate enrollment in classes related to your chosen field of study
  • Strong foundation to successfully complete an industry workforce credential or college degree