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Mrs. Taylor's Calendar 2018-19

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Education Practicum

Leroy the mouse pictured above will be used to teach students how to code.

Leroy the Colorful Coding Mouse and his maze.

This poster filled with pictures from various magazines represents why we want to teach.

Education Practicum

Christmas decorations made by Mrs. Taylor's first period class.

A bulletin board made by two of Mrs. Taylor's students showing what they have learned during the semester.

Instructional Practice

The two pyramids pictured above show how long and what will be needed in order to become an audiologist and a school counselor.

This poster shows what will be needed and how long it will take to become an Occupational Physical Therapist and a Vice Principal.

Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development posters over Pre-natal Development/ Care.

Coding at Rusk Elementary

Texas Association of Future Educators

Mrs. Taylor's TAFE students at the Regional TAFE Competition in Chapel HIll